Friday, 13 January 2012

A Christmas Gift for McEachran

Christmas has just gone away. I guess everyone got many gifts from Santa and they have liked it all. And Josh McEachran is perhaps happy with his gifts too. I guess he had stuffed himself with lot of food this Christmas to gain some flesh for his slim body. So it was a happy time for him like every year, I hope......But was he really all around happy after this Christmas? I can guess he wasn't.

Our 18-year old prodigy had found it hard to break into the first team this season, and that was pretty much expected and unexpected at the same time. Maybe there are still frailties in our midfield, there is the same creativity problem down the middle, and you can see it more against the relatively weaker sides, who tend to play a low block. But still its one of those same stories for our youths, and McEachran is not an exception in that tale. Josh loves this club, as he is playing here from the age of 8, and perhaps he was overjoyed when the number 20 was printed on his back of the Chelsea shirt. But still the gloom remained as he hardly got the games to prove that number.

But certainly, he has got something to smile about now. A loan deal with Swansea, is likely to take place for him for the rest of the season. Its currently stalled because of injuries to midfielders like Malouda and Mikel, as there are not enough backups. So we all expect Joshy to be at the Liberty Stadium after this weekend's  Sunderland match.

Here are some quotes from Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers, taken from a BBC article, regarding the McEachran loan deal, in the picture below.
Of course he will get more playing time over there, as we all expect it. Our players have got it hard to complete a successful loan spell for all these years. Let's have our fingers crossed, and hope the kid gets enough games. If he tuck in some goals, create some assists, or create some chances, then we can finally say its a successful loan spell. We had found it hard to replace the Legendary Lampard down the years, but his ageing compounded with his lack of pace, had made the urgency of a replacement more significant. If Josh returns with a potential to replace the Legend, we will all have our lengthy dream come true.

Certainly, this can be a better Christmas gift for Josh, as I think. If be succeeds there, at Wales, I can bet you this loan deal will be the Christmas Carols that will be a music to his ears for years to come.

Up The Chels..

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