Thursday, 12 January 2012

"Go see the French lad, he is the star" - Will That Star Shine Once Again?

Kakuta Secures Dijon Move

    This is how Michael Ballack described this talent from France when he played shoulder to shoulder with him in the reserves game for Chelsea after coming out of injury. This is the same player for whom Chelsea dug deeper and deeper and went through many troubles to sign him and bring to Cobham. This is the same player which is (yes, "IS") dubbed as Black Zidane.

    In case you still are unable to recall his name, to be honest, you are not the one to blamed. I will blame circumstances for that matter. His name is Gael Kakuta, Aged 20. Bought from Lens, the then manager of the club Marx was quoted as saying,

    The easiest way to describe him is a phenomenon. Perhaps one criticism was that he didn't try very hard sometimes in training - because he didn't need to! He could already do everything.

Waiting For His Chance to Shine
    Such a talent, such a talent he is! and still, the luck decided to show only back to him for the entire of 2011, where he went  on loan to Fulham for first part of the season; scoring one in (plentiful?) 7 appearances for the cottagers, most of it coming off the bench. at the start of this season he was sent out on loan again to Premier League Club, this time in the custody of Owen Coyle, who has very interesting track record of nurturing and polishing the young stars in the name of Jack Wilshere and our very own Daniel Sturridge. We all hoped that this loan spell will enable us to witness this phenomenon, but it was just not about to happen. We all and the lad as well were frustrated with the outcome. At Reebok Stadium he only managed to break into first team for 4 times. Yes, you heard it right, only 4 times. 

    The player of his age who is full of trickery and talent had to endure whole of last year on the bench at two different clubs, waiting for the manager to call his name and stepping up on the field and show the world what he is made up off. but to his and everyone of us disappointment it didn't happen. and sad thing is people went to such an extent to call him flop and all the other rubbish.

    Finally, as the calendar changed its year, he came back home to Chelsea and was immediately linked with a move to host of French clubs, particularly Dijon and Lille. And today he completed to shift his base temporarily to Dijon till the end of the season. Dijon is struggling in Ligue one at the moment, standing at 16th place and barely managing to stay out of relegation zone and still he chose to sign for them. and if you think of it, he was taken a right decision by joining such club. He will definitely get more playing time than he would have got with 3rd place Lille.

    We all hope that finally his third loan move will ripe the fruits which we all are hoping to taste. Let's be hopeful that this Black Zidane returns to Chelsea come May all polished and as bright as THE STAR, BALLCK DESCRIBED.