Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Chelsea FC vs Bolton Wanderers FC – Was That The Best Chelsea FC Side of The Season?

    It came as a sigh of relief to all Cfc fans. At last it feels great to taste a comfortable victory. And guess what the best part is? It was thoroughly deserved victory too. The team looked and played like a team after so long. But the notable thing was that there were some changes in the line up from the expected one. So this arises the question, is this the best CFC line up that AVB can field?

    I feel it was. With the players we currently have, this was the best looking line up. The main strength came from the presence of ‘the bison’ Essien in the holding mid field role. He wasn’t to noticeable in the game I know. But it was his brilliant positional sense and slick passing that kept our midfield engine running. Frankie assisted him in the tackling aspect with some brilliant defencive tackles and positioning. Ramires carried on his usual job of running all over the park, though I was a little  bit disappointed with his performance ( poor passing at times and decision making ) But the midfield was balanced, with the passing of Lamps, powerhouse of Essien and the energy of Ramires.

    Though people may moan that we don’t have a built for the task right back, Ivanovic’s involvement and
importance is quite priceless. His superb positional sense and precision tackling help Ashley Cole to wander up ahead with having three centre backs behind him. So in a way Ivanovic balances the usual Chelsea style.

    I was also very pleased with the effort Didier Drogba took in. His clever turns and brilliant sense of passing was a joy to watch. He seemed more like the old Drogba, less bullied the defenders though. Mata (apart from the assist) was missing for me. I still feel it is quite useless to employ him in the wings where his small size is exploited by the defenders. At the centre of the park as a attacking midfielder he can be THAT man who can beat a defender and feed the striker. Sturridge was quite lively forcing the keeper some good saves.

    Lastly, to mention the centre backs, Gary and David were not the best of centre backs yesterday but showed promise and a future partnership between the two can be expected. I didn’t miss Petr Cech, but he had quite a calm day.

    I still wish the formation could had been this way, with the same set of players:

    With this Essien can give the defencive support. Juan can be the attacking midfielder and Danny will be happy with at last given a chance to play centre forward where we all hope that he can deliver more than what he is doing now.

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