Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chelsea - Benfica UCL Tie. Fans Speak!!!!

    As we head towards first league of Champions League Quarterfinals of this season, our friend Felipe, who is Benfica fan had very good and long chat with us about Chelsea and everything concerned. We would like to share our talk with you people as well.

1-How is Chelsea now, after a very bad phase that ended when AVB was sacked?


    We actually look like as a team for the first time this season. Players seem to be united and look like playing for each other and for the team. There seems to be good harmony between the players and team spirit is also very good at the moment. These are the things which visibly lacked under AVB.
2-Which Chelsea players may be more crucial tie against Benfica this?

    The old guards!! Likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba are the kind of players which any team would like to have at its service at this stage of competition. Their experience is immense and if used properly like Di Matteo did against Napoli they will play crucial role in Chelsea's run in Europe. Also Mata and Ramires are important players for Chelsea against Benfica.

3-What Chelsea fans know about Benfica?

    Benfica is really good team. They topped the table which had Manchester United in the group. They were impressive against reigning Premier League Champions and also against Zenit, where they overcame first leg deficit to reach the quarter finals. Also they are lying second in the league at the moment and could go on to win it as well, despite their nervous draw this weekend. So all in all, this team is not easy to play against by any means and every Chelsea fan is well aware of it.

4-What do you think of Drogba’s reaction when the draws came out? Doesn’t it look disrespectful? Is he too complacent?

    Drogba is funny character. He loves doing such funny things at training ground. I guess he was relieved to see that we aren't facing likes of Madrid or Barcelona in quarters. But taking Benfica lightly will be suicidal and I am pretty sure Didi doesn't have any plan to be complacent while playing against Benfica.

5-Chelsea has two former players of Benfica. Ramires and David Luiz. What Chelsea fans think of these two players?

    These players have been very good signing. Ramires had started his life at Stamford Bridge not so comfortably and many Chelsea fans were actually wondering why we spent so much on this player earlier last season but as the season progressed he started to show his real qualities and proved his worth. This season he has been the player whose name is first on the starting lineup no matter which is the opposing team.
    Luiz on the other hand had glittering start after his transfer last January but this season he has attracted fair share of criticism. He has been bit of inconsistent and still learning the game but for us Chelsea fans he already has been cult hero here and we love to see him on the pitch.

6-Fernando Torres is little criticized by Chelsea fans because he doesn’t score goals as often as he did at Liverpool. What's up with El Nino?

    Criticized by Chelsea fans? Nope, don’t think so at all! We seem to be only fans of his who have stood firm behind him despite his worrying goal record since joining Chelsea. We all have supported him and will keep doing so. He is trying very hard to get back to his best and we all can see that so we won't be criticizing him. He has assisted plenty goals this season, (15 if I am not wrong), and I am pretty sure, once he starts to get better service from the midfield we will see his name on score sheet more often than not.

7-In addition to poor results, do you think there are more reasons for AVB’s sack?

    He tried too hard and tried to change things too quickly. He and Roman had plan but he failed to implement it properly. If reports are to be believed he fell out with many senior players for so many reasons and if you don't have these senior players at your side your life is always going to be difficult at Chelsea. I agree with what Lampard said about him - he started to forget the present in the thought of future.
    Had he managed these things better, we could have seen different Chelsea at this moment.

8-Why after Mourinho, no manager has been able to replicate his success?

    Mourinho leaves his legacy behind wherever he goes. He consumes the club with his aura and it makes difficult for new manager to fill his place. He entertains you with his comments, topics to talk about and wins you plenty of matches and trophies as well. Whenever new manager comes at Chelsea, he is always compared with Mourinho, instead of giving him his own time and space. It creates more pressure on manager. Also the way Mourinho bonded this team together, no manager has been able to do upto that level. Hence I believe no coach has been as successful as Mourinho at Chelsea.

9-Think the policy of Abramovich is the right for Chelsea?
    As in sacking of manager? Giving answer YES or NO is difficult. He has been pretty impatient with the managers as history suggests. No manager has been allowed to settle at Chelsea and if the team started to go through poor form, manager has been blamed for it and shown exit door.  We thought after appointment AVB that now we will be able to see some managerial consistency at last but that wasn’t meant to happen. We all know that this constantly revolving exit door has cost club millions of pounds as well but still, it’s Roman’s club and he does what he thinks is the best.

10-Do you think AVB was ready to manage as big club as Chelsea at such young age?

    If you ask me, if one has got the talent and confidence to carry it then your age, experience cannot really be barrier. He proved his abilities with Porto last season. I will never say that Chelsea was too big club for him to handle. He made mistakes at Chelsea, there is no denying in it but still I will not say that Chelsea came too early in his life for which he wasn’t prepared for.
11-How is your perspective for Tuesday's game against Benfica?

    Chelsea will be cautious against Benfica tonight; couple of away goals in the bag will really ease the pressure. And we are winless in last 2 matches so win tonight will be extra boost for us. But I guess Benfica will make us pretty tough competition over two legs and it will be good footballing encounter between these two clubs.