Monday, 5 March 2012

Chelsea FC, the joke of English Football

As a devoted Chelsea fan I am ashamed to admit this but I am growing disappointed and embarrassed by the sheer lack of stability at the club. The rapid sacking of managers, regardless of the reason, has made Chelsea Football Club the joke of English Football today. Manchester City has a better reputation in terms of managerial tolerance than Chelsea, a reputation which I am not proud of. This must simply stop happening. 

27 million pounds, the figure reported to be spent on the sacking of AVB, alone. Spending 13 million to sign him in the first place, is almost 40 million pounds spent on signing the manager in the first place. Some might argue that AVB was Abrahmovich's big plan doomed to fail from the very beginning. However, for once it felt as if the young man would come in and build some sort of long term structure at the club and shape it to make it his own. I hoped he would bring some much needed stability to the club and employ the youth. Alas, neither happened. 

AVB's appointment came only after Abrahmovich's previous infamous sacking of the extremely successful Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian who now manages Oil Rich Paris Saint Germain. The Italian surpassed Mourinho to claim the Domestic Double, the first in Chelsea's history. 12 months on he was out of the club because he had no success. 

Roman Abrahmovich has invested over 1 billion pounds into Chelsea Football Club and the fans are definitely grateful but he needs to stop interfering in management matters. This was a point raised by Ray Wilkins to Abrahmovich at a board meeting, the result was that he was sacked immediately. The sacking of Ray Wilkins set us on a run of bad results and no success that has claimed the jobs of Ancelotti and now Villas Boas. 

Since Mourinho was sacked due to his personal differences with the manager no man has held down the job at Chelsea. But Abrahmovich continues to be motivated by the need for European glory and so he has sacked every man who even seemed to fail to bring him that success. 

Chelsea FC has become a toy for the owner who has tried to establish his own ideals at the club. Abrahmovich brought managers to the club hoping that they could play an attacking brand of football that he fell in love with. He brought managers hoping they could win the silverware he wanted. He brought managers who he hoped would buy the players he wanted. However, this is not how a football club is managed. 

The League Managers Association has constantly criticized the clubs sacking of managers. However, Chelsea FC makes no effort to change. We are headed down a path of no success and its about time Abrahmovich realized it. He needs to instill a manager and let things happen without any of his intervention. Unless he does this Chelsea Football Club will continue to be ridiculed by the Football universe.