Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chelsea vs Benfica - Champions League

    Today we will go head to head against Benfica in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal match at Stamford Bridge. and we will be hoping for a semi final place for the first time in last 3 seasons of this competition. 

    People may argue that we won with just the one goal and Benfica gave us tough time in that match. Their travelling manager and his team would be happy with this argument than any one else. There is no denying that Benfica gave us good fight last week and we had to keep knocking on the door again and again to find the breakthrough. but still we won, though it was with marginal difference, the fact is we won! They have been formidable opposition while playing at Estadio da Luz and have given tough fight to any travelling team in UCL. hence, the win, though it doesn't guarantee our place in Semi Finals gives us big boost to play on our own ground tonight. Still taking Benfica lightly will be the last thing one can think at this stage of the competition. Di Matteo and players have said the same thing again and again to the media.

     I am not taking anything away from Benfica but I believe we will tonight. I believe that we will get past them and book our ticket for Semis. On the other hand, I think we will have to keep digging this time again. Benfica isn't the team which will bow their heads against opponents, and they have got nothing to lose tonight. Hence more pressure is upon us than them so it makes me think that they will be more attacking than us. but still the end result will be in our favour (hopefully). But the fact that we have won every game of UCL competition played at Stamford Bridge this season is really joyful and will give us extra confidence to the men in blue.
Keep The Blue Flag Flying High

    Win tonight will be more than welcoming considering the way season has unfolded this time around. Though the prospect of facing Barcelona is nervous affair, I for one can't wait to go face to face with them. We have got unfinished business to deal with: and I am hopeful that we can overcome them with our positive mentality. 

    Well, facing Barca is another talk, let's focus on Benfica for tonight. Let's Keep The Blue Flag Flying High and High and High. 

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