Tuesday, 22 May 2012

There Is Only One Didier Drogba!!!!



  Drogba Leaves the Club on Highest Note

    I bet almost everyone of you will not be agreeing with me at all over what I am writing but still I couldn't stop myself from posting this.

Stamford Bridge Will Miss You
    Many of us might have been surprised with today's news and some might have quite expected it already that Drogba might be leaving the club at the end of the season. but after his Champions League triumph later group of people might have started to give second though about what they had thought about the club talisman.

    If you ask me, I am really happy that Drogba will be leaving the club at the end of the season. He couldn't have found the perfect time than this to say goodbye to Stamford Bridge faithfuls. He was signed by the club with high hopes and he did not fail to live up to the expectations. Only thing which was missing and which was the most important thing for the club was bringing Champions League trophy to the club, perhaps the foremost reason why he has signed from Marseille in first place. We all endured the troubled times in Europe till now and the trophy just played with our hearts till last Saturday when Drogba and Company put an end to the wait and bought Roman the trophy he wanted all the time.

    And certainly Drogba was one of the most influential player on the pitch that day and scored the equaliser and thumped the spot kick in the goal to secure our name on trophy. Everyone at Chelsea will remember that moment till their last breath and will be thankful to him for his immense contribution.

    But to tell you the truth, I feel that, no other time would have been perfect than this to part the company after so much of a love between fans and the player. He brought home the trophy which we all craved and we all believed that this could have been the last chance for the old guards to win it together and the players did it.

    Is it the beginning of breaking down of the old guards? The likes of Lampard, Terry, Cech and Cole? perhaps not all will leave in one stroke but one of the gem has already fallen. and what a time it is to part away? JUST PERFECT. Is it the time to build the new guards? Build the new Chelsea around the likes of Mata, Luiz, Torres, Ramires and Company? Will they carry on the glory the old guards brought us? Only the time will tell.

    At last, Me and all the Chelsea Fanatic team would like to say THANK YOU to Didier Drogba for EVRYTHING. You are irreplaceable in our hearts and will always be the Legend in our eyes. We all hope that you will have future has bright as you had at Stamford Bridge and wish you all the best for your new endeavours.