Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Marko Marin and Chelsea

    What to expect and what not to!!!!

    Every now and then I, like many other Chelsea supporters come across the tweet or facebook status of the people who display their outrage over their “Favourite Chelsea Player” not given a chance by already much hated INTERIM manager Rafael Benitez.

    Well, I can understand the reaction of the fans to some extent because everyone would like to see the player they like on the pitch rather than on sidelines. I will not at all argue about that. But the main question is, is he deserving of a ahead of already star studded and very effective midfield?

    It was reported that he was undergoing special training to improve his fitness levels and that training was prolonged for some reason and hence he has failed to break into the team as hoped by many. That could be the reason why we have not seen him much in an action. But is it the only reason? To be honest I don’t think so!

    Once touted as German Messi was signed from Werder Bremen for as little as 7 million in the summer to replace outgoing Kalou or Malouda on the wings. Injuries have hampered him all the while in last few years and despite all this everyone was excited to see German International in this team. But people were ignoring the fact that he appeared for the national team only for handful times and was not selected for Euro 2012. And even after that he was overlooked by the National team manager in International Friendlies.
In his last season with Werder, he played out of his position, much in the centre of the pitch than his preferred wing position and contributed less than a little for the goals. And many in the German media believed that he never reached the heights expected from him when he first broke into the limelight mainly because of injuries
    And despite all this we signed him. One could say that, as he was signed as a replacement for outgoing Kalou, he was going down mainly as a squad player rather than a week in week out player and the fee involved was bargain. But in my opinion, it was fair price than calling it a bargain. But it was sad to see him going on to treatment table immediately.

    One other theory, in which I believe largely, was that he was signed as a cover rather than a first team player. We were linked with Hazard at that time. I know that it was not publicized much at that time considering Marin announcement went public in late April but it would be irrational to think that we were in race for Hazard only after our Champions League triumph. Surely, things would have gone behind the scenes. And as Hazard was toying with every top club in the league, it was far from safe to say that he would eventually end up at Chelsea. So was it the reason to sign Marin? To cover this uncertainty surrounding Hazard on any other prolific signing? I believe it was the reason why we signed Marin in the first place.
Talking about his future at Chelsea, I don’t see it much different than it is right now. I don’t think he will be able to break into this team and considering the rise of Moses, he has fallen down even further in pecking order. And reports coming from Germany make us believe that Bruyne is going to be at Chelsea next season, fighting for his place in starting XI.

    So where does all this lead Marin and his future? To be very frank, the answer in my opinion is, “Away from Stamford Bridge”. I don’t see him at Chelsea next season. And it would be in the best interest of all the parties concerned. I wouldn’t see that he will be sold but loan move for the season seems most likely followed by permanent move later on. And I don’t see him leaving in January, he will definitely be here till the season end.

    Let’s hope he does well for us and make us prove wrong.